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Last Updated - 27th December 2023

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Welcome to the Enchanted Hideaway. We hope that you enjoy your stay at the house. If you need anything during your stay please message or Whatsapp me on 07909223862 and I will call you back as required. 


If you have any feedback about your stay, or there is anything we can do to make your time at the Hideaway more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to ask.


Arrival - If you haven’t already accessed it or need to refer to it at any time you can find arrival information here.


Adjustments for disability support - If you or anyone in your group need any specific adjustments to help make your stay more comfortable please do let us know. 


Staying Safe at the Hideaway - Please adhere to our safety advice when staying at the property. You can find these here. We accept no liability for injury incurred from not following our safety suggestions. Our Staying Safe instructions also includes Fire Safety and Evacuation advice

Local Area - If you need any help or ideas for things to do in the local area please do not hesitate to ask. We have lived in Bath for a long time and know lots of great places to eat and things to do. The house gets Deliveroo and Just Eat deliveries.

Quick Find for Key Information - Wifi - Check out - Heating - Coffee Machine - Rules


Check out


Please vacate the property by 10am on the day of your departure. If you can message us when you leave so that we can let our cleaners know we would be grateful. Please return the two sets of door keys to the kitchen counter before you leave. Please exit via the kitchen door and return it to the key box using the key code provided to open it. Please scramble the code before leaving. 


If you wish to park at the property past your check out time we will need to agree this in advance. This will be subject to access required by cleaners and incoming guests. 


Please ensure all doors and windows are shut and locked when you leave the property. Please ensure lights, heating and electrical appliances are turned off when the property is empty. 


Things that may help you during your stay


Wifi - You can log on to the wifi Hideaway - 2.4Hz or Hideaway - 5Hz using the password: Enchanted We recommend you sign into both to maximise coverage.


TV - There are TVs in the living area and Fauna bedroom. These are smart TVs so you can log in to your own streaming services during your stay. Please make sure you log out of them before you leave.


Heating - 





The electric heaters are controlled via WiFi. Please DO NOT attempt to operate the heaters on the devices themselves. This will disconnect them from the wifi and make them difficult to operate. There is a tablet located on the shelf by the BAR. Please ensure this is returned to the shelf after use. The charger is next to it. Please ensure it is plugged in if the battery is low.

If heaters go offline please message 07909223862 to let us know and we will send you manual operating instructions.


You can control the heating via the SmartLife app on the tablet. Turn on the tablet screen by pressing the button on the side of the tablet. Swipe up to unlock the screen. Select ‘SmartLife’ app from the homescreen.


Here you will see all of the heaters. Each heater is named by the room name. Tap on the heater. Turn on the heater using the power button.


Select from three modes on the bottom of the screen via then icon with three diagonal lines:


Comfort - heat the room to a set temperature

Economy - maintain an average room temperature

Frost-free - keep a minimum temperature of 5C 


If you want to heat the room up, select comfort mode and select a temperature. If it is very cold you may want to heat set the temperature to higher than you want until it has heated up. Once the room is at a comfortable temperature change mode to economy and set the temperature you feel comfortable with or turn down the temperature in comfort mode. 


At night we recommend using economy mode or reduce the temperature in comfort mode. 


We can control the heating remotely so if you have any issues please message us.


Please turn off the heaters before you leave via the app only at the end of your stay.


You can see the full user manual here

Please be careful near the heaters when they are on as they will get hot.

Check out
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Coffee Machine

Lounge/Dining Room

  • Coffee Machine - Please enjoy the espresso machine to make coffees. There is a steamer arm to froth milk. You will need to fill the tank at the back with water. You can see instructions in the photos above. Full instructions can be found here

  • Fairy Lights - The fairy lights on the trees are remote controlled using the square control on the coffee table. Point the control at the white box at the base of the tree and press ON. You can adjust the brightness and even add flashing and fading effects. If you change the settings please return them before leaving.



  • Disposal Unit - The kitchen sink has a waste disposal unit. This can be operated by the button on the draining board. Please only press the button whilst the tap is running. The unit can be used to dispose of soft food waste and liquids. Please do not put anything hard down the unit. Please do not put your hands down the sink. There are sharp spinning blades which may cause harm.

  • Oven - The oven has a grill and oven setting. Operate by turning the function dial to the desired setting and using the heat dial to set the temperature.

  • Dishwasher - Please use the dishwasher during your stay. There are dishwasher tablets in the jar in the cleaning box on the kitchen side. There are instructions on the dishwasher. Please ensure that no dirty items are left in the dishwasher before you leave.

  • Waste - Please use the recycling bins provided. There is a black wheelie bin for plastic and cardboard and a green bin for glass located in the courtyard. Please collect all general waste into the black bin bag in the kitchen, tie up and remove to RED bin in the courtyard before leaving. 

  • Microwave - Please use the microwave safely and do not add anything metal. If you need instructions they can be found here

  • Fire blanket, extinguisher and first aid kit - Please read our Staying Safe instructions for guidance on using these.



  • Bins - please empty all bathroom bins into the black bin bag in the kitchen at the end of your stay.

  • Towels - Please place all towels and bath mats in the shower or bath before you leave. 

  • Showers - The showers are operated by turning on the power button at the bottom and then selecting the desired temperature using the dial. You can alter the water flow using the low, eco and high buttons. There is also a boost button which adds a pulsating ‘rain’ effect to the water.

Some guidance for your stay:



Doors - Once you have arrived we recommend you use the front door to come and go during your stay. If you lock the bottom lock of the front door whilst you are in the property please leave the key in the lock for easy exit in an emergency. You will arrive via the back door into the kitchen. Please ensure the key is kept in the lock on the inside of the kitchen door during your stay for easy exit in an emergency when the door is locked. For your own safety please do not use the shutters for the back door. Please see our Staying Safe section for more information.


There is a video Ring doorbell on the main front door. This is not recording any footage but is simply used for security to monitor the front of the property when it is empty and accept deliveries when required. 


Outside space - There is a small courtyard to the rear of the property. This is not suitable for sitting or socialising in. The courtyard is very close to our neighbours and sound echos so please be aware of noise levels and considerate of those nearby when in the courtyard; especially at night, as you will be louder that you think and our neighbours are sensitive to noise! If you want to smoke outside please do so at the front of the property. There is a lovely green space just minutes from the house at Elizabeth Park.


Guests should only go on the flat roof outside of Aurora and Fauna bedrooms during emergency evacution. This roof is not safe to sit or stand on. 

Noise levels - We ask you to be respectful of our neighbours and considerate regarding sound levels; particularly after 10pm at night and before 8am in the morning. The wall in the lounge is connected to an office which is largely unoccupied in the evening, but upstairs is connected to a domestic flat. Please be particularly aware of noise levels at night when in the Aurora bedroom. The courtyard is next to our neighbour's bedroom and sound echos into their home so please keep noise to a minimum outside. Our neighhbours are in contact with us and will message if they are disturbed by guests.


Damages and Breakages - We understand that accidents happen and the occasional glass will get broken. Please treat the facilities & accommodation with due care so that other guests may continue to enjoy them. If you notice something is missing or damaged in your accommodation, please let us know immediately so that we can take the appropriate action. If there has been any damage or breakages during your stay, we would be grateful if you could report them promptly, especially before check-out. The accommodation will be inspected at the end of the holiday & you may be charged for any loss or damage.

Confetti and Banners - The Enchanted Hideaway is a place to share celebrations. We understand that some of our guests like to decorate the house with balloons and banners. Please ensure all decorations are cleaned away before you leave. We ask that confetti and glitter is only used in the downstairs, hardfloor areas and cleaned up thoroughly before departure. No confetti or glitter should be used upstairs. Banners should not be stuck directly to the painted walls as this damages the paintwork. If you need assitance or advice please do not hesitate to ask.


Smoking and Pets - Pets, vaping or smoking anywhere inside the premises will result in immediate termination of occupancy and forfeiture of all payments. This must be strictly adhered to and any damage or extra cleaning caused by pets or smoking will be at the expense of you. We ask that guests who wish to smoke outside do so to the front of the property so as to minimise noise in the courtyard for neighbours.

Fire Risks - We ask that our guests do not light candles, cook using deep fat frying or use barbeques in order to minimise risks of fire. See our full Fire Safety advice here.

Items in the house - We ask you please not to move any furniture from one room to another and return any items to their original position before leaving. Please do not remove any items from the house for any reason (except food items and slippers gifted to you for your stay)


Cleaning - Please leave the house as clean and tidy as you can. We have a strict cleaning schedule and anything you can do to help make this easier will be appreciated. We reserve the right to make a charge to cover additional cleaning costs if the client leaves the property in an unacceptable condition.


Carpets - We kindly ask you not to wear outside shoes on carpeted areas of the house. 

Windows - Please take care when using the blinds. The cords should be kept wrapped around the catches for safety. There is a window above the main front door that can be opened. There is a pole with a hook to assist with this.


Please see our Booking Terms and Conditions for a full list of your obligations (this do not override the booking terms you agreed to if you booked via AirBnB or

We really hope that you enjoy your stay. 

Best wishes,

Vicky and Pete

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