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Last Updated - 27th December 2023

We ask our guests to be mindful of their own safety whilst staying at the Enchanted Hideaway. Below are some hazards that we have identified as potential risks to your safety and the things we recommend you are aware of. 


You can see our full Health and Safety Risk Assessment here along with our Fire Risk Assessment here


Medical Help



We have provided a basic first aid kit in the cupboard in the kitchen. If you use any items from this kit please let us know as soon as it is safe to do so. If you require emergency medical assistance, the nearest hospital is Bath RUH which you can find here. Please ring 111 for medical advice or 999 in an emergency.

Quick Find for Key Information  - General Safety - Fire Safety - Evacuation Procedure - Staying with children

Safety Advice

  • Please be aware of the main road outside of the property which can have fast moving and large vehicles stopping for the traffic lights, especially when walking out of the front door, moving your car or removing items from your car. You can see more information about this in our Arrival Instructions.

  • The floor on the ground floor can be slippery when wet. Please clean up spills quickly and thoroughly and be aware when coming in from outside when it is raining, There is a mop and bucket provided in the kitchen. Take care when walking on the floor when it is wet, especially when getting out of the bath or shower in the downstairs bathroom.

  • The tiled floor makes breakages more likely if plates or glasses are dropped. We have provided dustpans and brushes to sweep up any broken glasses or crockery. Please take care to avoid cuts and clean up immediately to avoid harm to any other guests. Please report any breakages to use so we can be careful when cleaning. 

  • Please do not walk on the flat roof outside of Aurora and Fauna bedrooms except in an emergency evacuation situation.

  • Please keep floors and hallways clear of obstruction during your stay to avoid trips and make evacuation in an emergency safe.

  • We provide some cleaning materials for your use during your stay. Please ensure you use these in line with manufacturers instructions. 

  • Please take care when near windows and stairs. The slatted blind cords should be wound onto the hooks at all times. Stairs should be kept clear of obstacles and windows should not be opened so far that people can fall out of them.

  • Please follow all of the guidance in our Welcome Pack to keep all of our guests safe.

  • The heaters are designed to be safe but please do not touch them when they are hot.

  • Please take care when using the blinds. The cords should be kept wrapped around the catches for safety. The curtains in the back bedroom Vesta are for display only. Please do not attempt to close these.


If you have any safety concerns whilst staying at the Enchanted Hideaway please do not hesitate to make us aware via message to 07909223862.

Fire Safety


We have completed a Fire Risk Assessment which you can view here. 




In order to keep yourself and all guests safe from fire whilst at the Hideaway please follow the following guidance:


  • We ask you not to cook by deep fat frying

  • We ask that you do not use a barbeque inside or in the courtyard of the property

  • Smoking in any form is prohibited at Enchanted Hideaway

  • We ask that you do not use candles at the Enchanted Hideaway

We have provided the following to keep you safe:

  • There are torches in each bedside table to act as emergency lighting

  • There is a fire blanket and fire extinguisher in the kitchen. 

  • There are smoke and heat detectors throughout the property. 

Fire Blanket

The fire blanket can be used as follows. If you use the fire blanket please inform us immediately, but not before seeking medical or emergency service help as required. 

Oil / Pan Fires

  1. Turn off the heat source if it is safe to do so (Do not attempt to move the pan)

  2. Pull the tapes to release the blanket from its container

  3. Hold the blanket in a shield position and if possible wrap the blanket around your hands for protection

  4. Place the blanket gently over the pan/container to smother the fire

  5. Leave the pan to cool completely – do not attempt to uncover until it is completely cool

Clothing Fires

  1. Pull the tapes to release the blanket from its container

  2. Hold the blanket in a shield position and if possible wrap the blanket around your hands for protection

  3. Wrap the blanket tightly around person to smother the fire

Fire Extinguisher

We have provided a dry powder fire extinguisher in the kitchen. These prevent oxygen reaching the fire and extinguish it but they do not cool the burning material as water does, so if the powder gets blown away the fire can reignite. 


Fire extinguishers should not be used by people who have not been trained. Before tackling a fire with a fire extinguisher make sure you or someone else has raised the fire alarm and that you have a safe evacuation route.


Use the four-step PASS technique.

Pull: Pull the pin, this will break the tamper seal.

Aim: Aim low, pointing the nozzle or hose at the base of the fire. 

Squeeze: Squeeze the handle to release the extinguishing agent.

Sweep: Sweep from side to side at the base of the fire, the fuel source, until the fire is out.


Many people put out small fires quite safely. However, death or serious injury can occur by tackling a fire which is beyond your capabilities. Only tackle a fire in its very early stages and always ensure you put your own and other people's safety first. If you cannot put out the fire or if the extinguisher becomes empty, evacuate yourself and everyone in the building immediately, closing all doors behind you as you go and ensure the fire brigade has been called. If there is the slightest doubt or uncertainty about tackling the fire evacuate the building immediately and call the fire brigade.

If you use the fire extinguisher please inform us immediately, after seeking relevant medical help and emergency services have been contacted. 


Fire Alarms


If you set off fire alarms by mistake please follow the reset instructions on the panel in the living room. There are three battery powered alarms; on the landing and in Aurora and Fauna bedrooms. These can be reset by pressing the button on the unit. The alarm outside the kitchen is a heat detector. If you set off the alarms in error please inform us via text. If you require assistance resetting please contact us. If you are unsure as to why the alarm has gone off please evacuate immediately and contact 999. Please only contact us after the emergency services have been contacted. 


Evacuation Procedure


In the event of a fire we ask you to follow the following Evacuation Procedure. Whilst we provide a fire blanket and extinguisher, please do not try and tackle a fire that is out of control. 




If you are on the ground floor please evacuate via the nearest door, closing doors to contain any fire whilst you evacuate. 


Please keep keys in the lock whilst in the property to assist with quick exit in an emergency. Please keep the shutter in the kitchen door open throughout your stay. 


To evacuate from the first floor when you cannot access the ground floor, please close the door. Guests in the front bedrooms can exit via the windows onto the flat roof where a ladder can access you. Guests in the back bedroom can exit the back window via a ladder. 


Guests in the loft room can exit via the window in the rear bedroom. We do not recommend that guests who cannot evacuate by themselves sleep in the loft room. 

Guests with mobility issues


Unfortunately, there is not access to bedrooms at the Enchanted Hideaway without using stairs. We therefore cannot safely accommodate guests over night who have mobility issues and doing so is at guest’s own risk. If someone staying at the house requires additional support to evacuate safely we ask you to consider this when selecting bedrooms and ensure that person has extra assistance in the case of emergency. This includes ensuring any guest with hearing impairment is notified if smoke detectors are activated. We ask you to notify us if any guest requires adaptations to support any disability so that they can have a safe and enjoyable stay at our property. There is flat access to the front and back door from the ground


Guests with Children



Whilst we welcome guests of all ages, the Enchanted Hideaway is not designed specifically for those with young children. Please make us aware of the ages of any children staying with us. Please be particularly aware of the following risks to children and supervise accordingly so that you and your family can enjoy your stay at the Enchanted Hideaway safely. 


A few things to be aware of:


  • Stairs - We are unable to install stairgates due to the narrow stairs. Please supervise children at all times around the stairs

  • Baby equipment - Please bring with you any baby equipment that you may need such as travel cots. We do not provide these at the Hideaway for health and safety reasons. 

  • Windows - Windows on the first floor are sash windows. Please open the top window if you require ventilation in a room where children are staying unsupervised. The blinds are corded blinds. Please ensure the cords are wound up on the safety catches at all times to avoid children accidentally getting caught on them. Please do not place travel cots near windows.

  • Heaters - The heaters in the property are temperature controlled by our guests. Please ensure these are kept to a safe temperature that will not cause burns if children touch them. Heat comes from the top of the heaters. 

  • Kitchen - Please be aware of the risks posed to children in the kitchen including burns whilst cooking and cuts or injury from items in the lower cupboards. We recommend children are not left unsupervised in the kitchen

  • Cleaning chemicals - We leave our guests toilet cleaner and spray in each bathroom. Where we know guests have children we will move these to a higher height to prevent access. 

  • Bar area - There are items in the bar area that can be broken such as wine glasses. We recommend you move these to the kitchen or higher shelves whilst staying at the property. We will do this in advance of your arrival whenever time allows. 

  • Main road - The front door leads onto a main road. We recommend that you keep the door shut and locked using the thumb lock where children are in the main living area to avoid them being able to run out onto the road.

  • Decorative items - There are lots of decorative items around the Enchanted Hideaway, including artificial flowers and decorations. Please be aware of the risk of choking should a child get hold of these. In particular, there are artificial flowers and fairy lights on the bedframes in Aurora bedroom. Children should not sleep in these beds where they may play with these. 

  • Electrical sockets - Please supervise your children around electrical sockets. There are sockets at bed height in Aurora bedroom. Please be aware of the socket by the bed next to the door in this room as it may be tempting for small children if they sleep in that bed. 

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