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Last Updated - 5th May 2022

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Enchanted Hideaway. We hope that the following information helps your arrival to be straightforward and stress free. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Check in 


Unless otherwise arranged you can check in to the Enchanted Hideaway from 4pm on the day of your arrival. If you can give us an estimated arrival time we would be grateful. By arrangement only you can park at the property before your check in time. Please get in touch to discuss this. 


We take pride in the cleanliness of our house. In the rare event that cleaners have not completed their work at your check in time we ask for your patience. You will be asked to wait outside of the property until the cleaning is completed. We will contact you in advance should we be concerned that your check in may be delayed by cleaning processes.


Finding the Enchanted Hideaway


Address - 29 Victoria Buildings, Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 3EH 

The Enchanted Hideaway is located on the A36 next to Bed-E-Buys. It is a green property with large windows and the number 29 on the frontage.


NOTE - Google sometimes plots the postcode as Victoria Bridge Road rather than Victoria Buildings. This is only a couple of minutes from the Hideaway but It is worth putting the whole address into any search to get directions. You can find the Google Maps location here




There are two car parking spaces directly in front of the property. These are big enough for two large cars but you will need to park tight to the posts on either side. Please pull fully onto the drive so that you are not blocking the footpath or you may be ticketed. Please do not park on our neighbours drive as this is in constant use.


CAUTION - there are bollards either side of the parking bays. Please take care when pulling on and off of the drive. You will be pulling out onto to the main road so please take care of on coming  traffic. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused to your vehicles and if you damage our property you will be charged for repairs.

If you have an electric car please let us know so that we can point you in the direction of the nearest charging point if required. You cannot use the property’s electricity to charge your vehicle. 


If you require additional parking you can park on the street on Dorset Close or Brougham Hayes for up to two hours for free and without restriction after 6pm and before 8am. There is also free on street parking outside of the parking zones shown on the image below. Additionally, the Newbridge Park and Ride route 21 runs along the Upper Bristol Road with stops just 10 minutes flat walk from the Hideaway. 



Arriving by bus and train


Bus: The nearest bus stops are on Brougham Hayes and Dorset Close. Buses to Bristol stop on the Upper Bristol Road and are a short walk away from the Hideaway as per the map above. You can plan you journey using buses here


Trains: Oldfield Park Train Station is a 10 minute walk from the Hideaway. If you are arriving at Bath Train Station you can walk to the Hideaway in around 20 minutes or get a bus from the main bus station which is next door to the train station which take about 5 minutes. You can use the link above to plan this journey.


If you are travelling and do not have access to Google Maps and would like help to plan your journey please do ask so we can give you more specific instructions.


On Arrival


Please walk down the lane Park View to the left of the property and enter the courtyard to the rear of the property via the gate on your right. 


To the right hand side of the glass door you will find a key lock box. You can unlock the box by entering the code and pulling down the handle. Once accessed please close and scramble the code.


The code for the box will be messaged to you on the day of your arrival. 


The key in the box is for this glass door. Please put this key in the lock on the inside of the kitchen door whilst you are in the property so that you can make a quick exit in the event of an emergency. This key should not leave the property at any time.


If it is dark at the time of your arrival, and you require the light on in the kitchen, you will find the lightswitch on the other side of the door to the right as you enter the kitchen. 

Once inside the kitchen you will find two sets of keys which include keys to the main front door. Please take good care of these during your stay. We recommend you use the main front door to enter and exit during your stay to minimise noise in the courtyard and so that you can leave the back door key in the locked back door.


NOTE: If you lock the double lock at night on the front door please also leave a key in this door for easy exit from the property in the event of emergency. 

When you leave the property at the end of your stay please return these keys to the kitchen and the back door key to the lockbox once the back door is locked and secure. Please do not double lock the front door.

If you require assistance from us at any time you can call us on 07909223862 and we will be happy to come to the property if required.


Once you have arrived you will find all of the information you need in our Welcome Pack. This is in electronic form and can be found here  Please ensure that you have familiarised everyone in your group with the safety information which is available hereIf you are unable to access this information please inform us and we will arrange for a hard copy or emailed copy to be sent to you. 

The Enchanted Hideaway is a place to share celebrations. We understand that some of our guests like to decorate the house accordingly. Please ensure all decorations are cleaned away before you leave, including all glitter and confetti. We ask that balloons, confetti and glitter are only used in the downstairs, hardfloor areas and cleaned up thoroughly before departure. No confetti or glitter should be used upstairs. Banners should not be stuck directly to the painted walls as this damages the paintwork. If you need assitance or advice please do not hesitate to ask.

We really hope you enjoy your stay.


Vicky and Pete

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